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Shin Kikuchi – Somei Yoshino


one of the music video of “syn crho” which is the photobook by Shin Kikuchi.



Music by Synfilums (Shin Kikuchi & Itoko Toma)

SCHOLE Music & Booklet 2019 summer

Produced, Art directed, Designed, Edited & published by Shin Kikuchi


Schole Booklet 2019 summer


Schole Records release information



Schole label sampler 2019


1. Quentin Sirjacq – Variations
Taken from the album of ‘COMPANION’


2. Paniyolo – 街溶け
Taken from the album of ‘三月が眠る’


3. Akira Kosemura – In Moonlight, Op. 2
Taken from the EP of ‘In Moonlight’


4. Haythem Mahbouli – Catching the first moment
Taken from the album of ‘Catching Moments in Time’


5. K-Conjog – Slashes III
Taken from the EP of ‘Dom Bow’


6. Itoko Toma – Fly
Taken from the album of ‘Schole Compilation Vol.4’


7.Kieli – Tick Tick Talk
Taken from the EP of ‘Tick Tick Talk’


8. Akira Kosemura – I Love You
Taken from the album of ‘Love is___ OST’


9. dakota suite & quentin sirjacq – these nights without you
Taken from the album of ‘the indestructibility of the already felled’


10. Tim Linghaus – bury my love
Taken from the album of ‘We Were Young When You Left Home’

Daijiro Nakagawa – in my opinion

Art direction, Photographs & Design of this CD & Vinyl: Shin Kikuchi

Teaser video, Trailer video, Music Video: Directed, Edited, Filmed by Shin Kikuchi

Schole collection box

SCHOLE が歩んできた歴史の断片をここに集約。